At Ranelagh Physiotherapy Clinic, Manual Therapy and Manipulation is usually our first line of treatment.

Manual therapy is used primarily for joint complaints. It involves your physiotherapist working on a painful joint to mobilise it (gently move it) or manipulate it (a firmer movement) to ease stiffness and pain. Joint mobilisation techniques are used to improve and restore movement. They are used on the spine (neck and back) and also on peripheral joints such as the ankle, knee and hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist.

Manipulative physiotherapy describes the branch of physiotherapy which deals with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Physiotherapists who practice in this area are skilled in the assessment, diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal conditions, including delivering safe and effective high-velocity thrust techniques as part of a treatment plan. Our treatment is based on evidence supporting the use of spinal and joint mobilisation and manipulation in the treatment of pain and dysfunction.

All our physiotherapists are highly qualified in Manual and Manipulative Therapy.

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The team at Ranelagh Physiotherapy Clinic is experienced and highly qualified in the treatment and management of spinal and peripheral joint injuries. Treatment sessions will involve taking a detailed history so that we can understand what has happened to cause your problem and identify any contributing factors from your history and lifestyle. A thorough assessment will allow us to determine the most effective course of treatment for full return to function and activity.[/expand]


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