Spinal and joint injuries, if correctly assessed and evaluated, will respond promptly to mobilisation, soft tissue massage and a programme of exercise prescription. At Ranelagh Physiotherapy Clinic, our staff have Post Graduate training in Spinal and Joint Treatment. This training includes world-recognised Australian colleges as the University of Queensland, Curtin University in Perth and La Trobe University in Melbourne. 

If you have suffered with neck or back pain such as whiplash, a slipped disc or sciatica, you will understand how debilitating the pain can be. We have the experience, skill and manual techniques to relieve your pain and restore your functional movements. A great majority of these spinal conditions go undiagnosed at the GP’s surgery. We will be able to give you a diagnosis and map out a time frame for your recovery.

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Our experienced staff can guide you back to your chosen activity with speed, confidence and assurance. The clinic specialises in the treatment  of complex injuries such as spinal, shoulder, knee and ankle surgery. We also treat specific join pain. For instance, a frozen shoulder, a torn rotator cuff, a stiff hip, damaged cartilage in the knee or torn ankle ligaments.

The physiotherapists will use a combined treatment plan which will evolve with the patient's participation. Above all, early movement is important to avoid muscle wastage and we put an emphasis on individual treatment and exercise programmes.

Some conditions may require a further specialised referral for a scan and/or imaging which we will co-ordinate with your GP and arrange for you. As a result of the specialised test findings, you may need to see an orthopaedic surgeon, or even a neuro surgeon or rheumatologist. With the wealth of experience at Ranelagh Physiotherapy Clinic, we have established relationships with the top specialists in Ireland. Therefore, we feel we know who are the very best to operate on you. We will work with these specialists, discussing your condition by letter, phone, text or e-mail to get you a prompt surgery date and get you on the road to recovery as early as possible.

After surgery, the surgeon will contact the clinic with a detailed report on the surgery performed and give an outline of recovery times. We always work closely with these consultants to ensure that a safe, swift and controlled recovery occurs and that you will have a speedy return to your pre-injury sporting and daily activities.

You can expect to be in our rehabilitation gym on your first visit, so dress appropriately. We suggest loose fitting clothes.[/expand]


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