How to reduce the risk of long-term injury at your desk.

Most of us spend hours at our desk every day. Bad habits and incorrect posture can lead to short-term pains and aches that can turn into long-term injuries.

The following are useful tips to follow in trying to avoid any short-term pains from developing into a repetitive strain chronic injury.

  • Make sure you have your feet flat on the floor, elbows, and knees at 90?, with a little space behind the back of the knee.
  • Sit back into the chair ensuring good back support.
  • Ensure the screen is approximately arm’s length away from you and top of the screen close to eye level.
  • Arms relaxed by your side with arms parallel to your desk.
  • Balanced head and not leaning forward.

Sitting in the same position for hours is not ideal for the body as it needs movement. Follow these tips as best as you can but also important to take breaks every 30-45 mins and complete some gentle neck and shoulder stretches.